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MAY 23, 2023 - 12:30PM - 1:30PM

Cristofer Pereyra of Tepayac Leadership, Inc. on Catholic Leadership for Civil Society

Cristofer Pereyra is the CEO of Tepeyac Leadership, Inc. (TLI), a non-profit organization dedicated to civic leadership development for lay Catholic professionals. Through its signature program TLI, the organization provides a catalyst development experience which equips professionals to become virtuous leaders, influencing the culture and serving the common good. In 2014, Pereyra was asked by Bishop Thomas Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix to head the Hispanic Mission Office. And in 2018, still at the Diocese of Phoenix, executing Bishop Olmsted’s vision, Pereyra developed a new diocesan program called Tepeyac Leadership Initiative.

Catholic Leadership is structured to show that lay Catholic leadership is not meant to be lived out within the confines of the Catholic faith-community exclusively, but instead serve mainly as a guiding force which illuminates every aspect of secular society with the Truth of the Gospel. Lay Catholic professionals have a unique responsibility and privileged opportunity to influence the world for Christ. It’s not an optional prerogative, but their duty as baptized children of God. Chance and coincidence are not compatible with the Catholic faith. If God has blessed some lay Catholics with a professional career, then their career must obligatorily become those Catholics’ field of mission.